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    Scammers and fraudsters are targeting Christians – here’s 7 ways to keep yourself safe


    Criminals have been posing as Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell, the Archbishop of York, in order to defraud Christians. Following the recent spate of scams, Abi Thomas speaks to a cyber security expert, who shares his top tips for staying safe online

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    The Da Vinci Fraud: Did Dan Brown guilty of theft?


    Dan Brown’s popular novel The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction which sets the hero, Robert Langdon, on a knight’s quest to find the holy grail – a supposed last descendant of the “marriage” between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. You might expect The Da ...

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    Real Life

    ‘I went to prison for gift aid fraud’


    Dr Mohammed Johnson was pastoring a successful church in Luton when he was arrested for fraudulently claiming £150,000 in gift aid. It was the start of a nightmare that would ultimately end with him being sentenced to four years in a maximum security prison