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    Dining with Jesus - Kate Jackson


    Kate Jackson’s brilliant book is marketed as “a seven course Bible study” – seven chapters, seven meals with Jesus. It will be well received by small group leaders everywhere. There are excellent individual and group questions, quotes from biblical scholars, useful cultural insights and thoughtful reflections from ...

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    3 stories about the global food crisis that keep me up at night


    Nearly 30 percent of the world’s population - are food insecure. Here’s how the Church is stepping in to help 

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    Why a freshly cooked meal is one of the Church’s greatest evangelistic tools


    Source: Yuliya Trukhan / Alamy Stock Photo There are few things that say church and community more than a meal train. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s the practice of providing a rota of meals for church members who are going through a major life ...

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    Do you believe in fasting?


    Q: I’ve been told that a ‘breakthrough fast’ is a way of getting results in prayer. Do you believe in fasting? And can it give our prayers more power? I’m not an expert on fasting either in theory or in practice. If you could see me, you ...