Iona Album Feature

Edge of the World (Live In Europe) - Iona
Published by Open Sky

Most Christian artists can only dream of performing Iona’s range of material: melodic rock, Celtic jigs, soaring instrumentals, jazzy interludes, ambient spaces, prog epics and lilting ballads.

The band also sets a standard in lyrical depth. Eschewing cheap clichés they present in story form, poignantly imagining St Brendan’s thoughts as he left everything to sail in faith into the unknown.

In a set that reflects their entire career, they sing of ‘The Ancient Wells’, urging Christians to pray and live for revival, seeking the ‘thin places’ between heaven and earth. But this music is open to all. Many in the secular audiences may have come for the excellent musicianship, but would also have caught Iona’s bold expressions of faith.

Strength of material is the only place to find flaws when each of the musicians – some multiinstrumentalists – plays at the top of their game. But in a set that comprises such well-practised classics as ‘Wave after Wave’ and spiritually exciting new material as ‘Another Realm,’ virtually nothing is weak. Almost as great as Live in London, these songs are passionate, worshipful and spiritually potent.

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