True Friendship: Walking Shoulder to Shoulder - Vaughan Roberts
10 Publishing

This little book clearly articulates some of the issues in our culture surrounding friendship and intimacy, and proposes some solutions.

Vaughan Roberts describes the inherent isolation in our society where we move frequently and do much of our communication on the Internet. Many people feel lonely, especially if they don’t have a nuclear family. Even in church we can feel isolated if we are not sharing our deeper selves.

The solution, Roberts suggests, is to share our feelings with others more, to be the friend that we want others to be to us, and be willing to give and receive criticism. It’s also to have a deeper friendship with Jesus. He argues that friendship is the heart of what God came to do – to restore our friendship with God, and between human beings.

Roberts touches on the same-sex marriage debate, arguing that celibacy is easier if supported by deep, nonsexual friendships. Those who disagree with him on this issue may listen to this particular voice, given that Roberts has publicly discussed his own same-sex attraction.

There are some nuggets of wisdom, but it’s a very short introduction to the subject.

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