Whitney Adshead

Whitney Adshead grew up in Texas. She loves theological discussions, reading, the outdoors and the adventure of raising her four little boys 

  • Sept-Review-3x2-MindTheirOwn

    A Mind Of Their Own - Katharine Hill


    At a time when anxiety and low self-esteem are on the rise, Katharine Hill, UK director for Care for the Family, gives the reader helpful principles for raising children in a postpandemic world. The end goal? Encouragement that young people can still become confident, resilient and secure adults.

  • FaithAfterDoubt

    Faith After Doubt - Brian McLaren


    Brian McLaren’s latest book is an absolute must-read. From the first page until the last, Faith After Doubt is a gripping, honest and practical book for Christian who is experiencing doubt.

  • women

    Women In A Patriarchal World - Elaine Storkey


    This wonderfully engaging book is a concise chronological study of the many different women who span the Old and New Testaments.