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    This article won’t change your mind


    Your mind is tricking you, making you blind to truth, explains Chris Goswami. But it is possible to think more clearly about God, theology and the Bible. Here's how

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    Our society wants justice. But God’s justice doesn’t always seem fair


    God’s justice isn’t the same as ours, explains George Pitcher

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    A curious faith - Lore Ferguson


    A Curious Faith will especially help those who are perhaps flirting with deconstruction, asking questions about the faith they’ve inherited. Ferguson Wilbert makes space for doubt within an orthodox theology: “I need God to be more sovereign than I am, more faithful, more kind, more creative, more ...

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    Better than fire


    Writing ahead of Pentecost Sunday, Lucy Peppiatt says the greatest gift the early Church received was not signs and wonders, but a fresh revelation of the love of God

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    Jesus rose from the dead. Here are 3 reasons why we can be confident


    Two thousand years on, why are Jesus’ teachings still so influential in our world today? And why is he appearing in people’s dreams? The answer to that question lies in the evidence for his death and resurrection, says Justin Bass 

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    The Archbishop of Canterbury must repent for abandoning biblical truth on sex


    In his opening address to the Global Anglican Futures Conference (GAFCON), Most Rev Foley Beach had stern words for the leader of the Church of England. Here’s his speech in full

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    Confused about the end times? Start here


    Working out what the Bible says about the end of days is difficult. But that doesn’t mean we should be complacent or disengage from the issue, says Chris Follett. Jesus is the hope of the world, and the world needs him now more than ever

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    Is kindness killing the Church?


    When doctrinal disputes arise it's easy to politely agree to disagree. But Dr Hugh Osgood believes such "kindness" is detrimental to the health of the Church. We need to start listening to one another, he says, because each denomination has something valuable to offer. Let's trust that the unity of the Spirit will undergird us, even in the toughest of conversations

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    The Word - John Barton


    John Barton’s understanding of the nuances of Bible translation flow from a lifetime of study. In The Word he shows how it has been key at critical junctures in history. There are many issues that arise in translating, particularly the balance between preserving the authority of the ...

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    Jesus hasn't returned yet. Why not?


    In the first century, something or someone stopped Jesus’ second coming. David Instone-Brewer explores what happened and asks: What is it that is holding him back today?

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    The failure of God


    A theology of Holy Saturday is for all those who cannot see the way ahead – who suffer, fail or doubt. Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is where true spiritual growth happens, says Bishop Emma Ineson

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    Rick Warren: Why I changed my mind on women in church leadership


    The author of The Purpose Driven Life reveals the Bible verses that convinced him to ordain female leaders at Saddleback church

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    Phil Moore: 'If I'd thought about how long it takes to write a commentary on the Bible I never would have started!'


    The London based pastor Phil Moore has spent the past decade writing a commentary on every book of the Bible. Having just completed the mammoth project, he tells Sam Hailes what he's learned through studying the scriptures in their original languages, and why those struggling to read the Bible in a year should be less hard on themselves

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    Before we can fully celebrate Easter, we need the wilderness of Lent


    Everyone loves the celebration of Easter Sunday, but not so much the long season of preparation that is Lent. But if we try to skip straight to the good part, we miss the spiritual depth that God is looking to grow in us, says Aaron Damiani

  • Lent Bingo 2023

    People say silly things during Lent. Now you can tick them off your Lent Bingo card!


    The fact that Lent – the most unfun festival in the Christian calendar – has survived this long must be down to a work of God, says Jonty Langley. However you’re marking it this year, why not join in with our game of Lent Bingo

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    Biblical critical theory - Christopher Watkin


    There are times when our culture seems conflicted and confusing and the things we normally rely on to help us navigate our way through the fog seem to fail us. Chris Watkin’s book Biblical Critical Theory: How the Bible’s Unfolding Story Makes Sense of Modern Life and ...

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    Proud to be a ‘Biblical Christian’? Here’s why that might be a problem…


    I recently polled my Instagram followers, asking them three questions: “Is it important to you to be a ‘biblical Christian’?”, “Is it important to challenge leaders whose worldview is ‘unbiblical’?” and “Have you actually read the whole Bible?”. Seventy-five per cent answered “yes” to the first question, ...

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    Why God’s preferred pronouns are he/him


    The Church of England is considering alternatives to referring to God as “he” after priests asked to be allowed to use gender-neutral terms. Some have said a change in language would make the church more inclusive. But Lois Tverberg disagrees. She argues Christians should embrace the fact that God chose to reveal himself through male images in the Bible

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    Dining with Jesus - Kate Jackson


    Kate Jackson’s brilliant book is marketed as “a seven course Bible study” – seven chapters, seven meals with Jesus. It will be well received by small group leaders everywhere. There are excellent individual and group questions, quotes from biblical scholars, useful cultural insights and thoughtful reflections from ...

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    Loving disagreement - Christopher Landau


    Have you ever disagreed with another Christian? Do you have questions about the bounds of Church unity, or wonder at what point you should leave a church or recognise a state of disunity? Writing from an Anglican perspective, Christopher Landau’s new book aims to tackle these questions. ...