Rachael Newham

Rachael Newham

Rachael Newham is a theology of mental health specialist and the author of Learning to Breathe: My journey with mental illness (SPCK) and And Yet: Finding joy in lament (SPCK). 

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    The two most misused Bible verses on mental health


    The Bible doesn’t forbid Christians from grieving. Neither does it teach that you should never feel anxious, argues Rachel Newham. This mental health awareness week, she takes a fresh look at the scriptures we most often misunderstand

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    Easter reflection: Why Jesus is still the hope of the world


    Jesus’ resurrection takes place against a backdrop of grief and despair. As the world grapples with war in Europe, Rachael Newham reflects on how the sadness of Good Friday and Holy Saturday reveals a king who came to minister to us not through power and might but through scars and tears