Justin Thacker

Justin Thacker

Dr Justin Thacker is Lecturer in Practical and Public Theology at Cliff College. He blogs at drjustinthacker.wordpress.com and is the co-author of Micah’s Challenge: the church’s responsibility to the global poor.

  • May22-Review-CancelCulture

    Christians In A Cancel Culture - Joe Dallas


    Cancel culture is an important issue for Christians to consider. It occurs when someone is publicly criticised and ostracised for articulating opinions that others consider reprehensible. At its best, it can be a form of virtuous social pressure in which racists, for instance, are held to account. At its worst, ...

  • capitalism

    Is Capitalism biblical?


    Dr Justin Thacker takes a closer look at the 'right wing economic orthodoxy' being promoted by many evangelicals

  • Archive content

    Jesus Christ, soap star?


    The UK’s top two TV soaps both have positive storylines featuring evangelical Christians. What’s going on? Justin Thacker, who is advising Coronation Street and EastEnders producers, explains…