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    Banned Christian teacher speaks out: ‘Students had a vendetta against me’


    Joshua Sutcliffe has been found guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct” and banned from teaching by the regulator for mis-gendering a pupil and failing to safeguard their emotional well-being. In this interview with Sam Hailes, the 33-year-old hits back, accusing the students of telling lies, and the regulator of being prejudiced against Christian beliefs

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    Thousands of Christian teachers are at risk of losing their jobs for holding biblical views on trans


    For every one teacher such as Joshua Sutcliffe, there will be thousands of other Christian teachers who hold to the same biblical beliefs about gender and sexuality. And though they may not communicate these beliefs in precisely the same way, each of them, sooner or later, may have to make costly decisions, whether the repercussions are minor or major. That’s the view of Lizzie Harewood from the Association of Christian Teachers. What do you think?