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‘It was really holding me back. I felt restricted and trapped, like I was a mental prisoner, wearing these invisible chains. I went without food a lot. I actually ended up homeless because of it.’ – Tomas

Trapped. Prisoner. In chains. Hungry. Homeless. What is Tomas talking about? He’s describing the devastating impact of one thing: poverty.

The drastic impact of the cost of living

Poverty is not kind. In fact, it’s relentless. It destroys lives, steals people’s dignity and hope, and leaves them unable to see a way out. Over half the people we support at Christians Against Poverty (CAP) have considered or attempted suicide before coming to us for help. This is a drastic increase from previous years, undoubtedly due the cost of living crisis.

With over half (54%) of those we help having been forced to skip meals, and 61% unable to afford basic toiletries like soap, toothpaste, and sanitary items, it’s not surprising that the cost of living has had a monumental effect on people’s mental health. Nobody should have to go without the necessities. Nobody should be going hungry.

How you can bring hope this Christmas

It doesn’t have to be this way. Your support could be the difference between someone feeling trapped with no way out, and discovering hope for a brighter future. A regular gift of just £10 could help provide someone with the basics like heating, clothing and food this Christmas.

CAP is committed to bringing hope and sharing the love of Jesus across the UK. The cost of living crisis might be big, but we know God is bigger. As his mouthpiece, we’re passionate about raising the voices of those in poverty, and campaigning relentlessly for policy change. As his hands and feet, we’re dedicated to offering practical help free of charge, through local churches, to see lives transformed.

Thankfully, Tomas’ life now looks very different:

‘The burden of my shackles was lifted. I am healthy (because I can eat), and I can afford to provide for my son. It eases the mental health pressures. I’ve gone from a big minus to a big plus.’

Join us in the fight against UK poverty

Together, we can see an end to UK poverty. We can make sure nobody else has to experience the struggles that Tomas has, by equipping local churches and fighting for wider change. But it’s only possible if we’re united: individuals, churches and government together.

Will you join us in committing to seeing an end to UK poverty? A monthly gift of £10 could be a lifeline for someone making that first courageous call to get themselves free from debt. Your gift could support families and individuals facing the devastating effects of the cost of living crisis, establishing a clear route out of debt and bringing hope of a brighter future. Give a gift today.

Thank you.