Worship Works is a practical guide that seeks to broaden our understanding of the principles of worship. It is written to help home groups or worship teams, using discussion points and devotions to stimulate group study. The chapters break down themes of worship in scripture such as thanksgiving, belonging in a local fellowship, healing through worship and running a choir or music group. The book is peppered with pictures, cartoons and different fonts and boxed text to aid discussion points or individual devotion.

If you’re looking for fresh teaching on contemporary music, this probably isn’t the book for you. Some of the examples and approaches are quite behind in terms of musical styles and references. Of course, this doesn’t alter the book’s usefulness in its biblical application, but I would not recommend this book to anyone from a progressive worship background.

If you’re looking for a basic book on worship and practical theology for study or for use in a worship team, this may be of use to you. 

LUCY SNELL is an LST music graduate and a songwriter