The pace of technological change is incredibly fast and often bewildering; two adjectives that won’t be used to describe this book. This ‘tech guide’ explains to the beginner what Facebook is and why people should text each other and then builds from there. So not exactly what you’d call a fast-paced thriller then.

But neither is it bewildering. It makes the case for good websites, using and creating video and has plenty of helpful hints on anything from Twitter to using song projection software. It offers a number of good ideas in making technology a good servant of the mission of the church. It has helpful wide margins for the scribbling of notes and reminders which is a plus.

This book is probably most helpful if you’ve just been tasked with developing the church website and you don’t know where to start or want to develop things further but your budget only stretches to the buying of a book.

HIGH: A helpful guide for the technologically illiterate church.

LOW: It’s really quite dull.