In recent years, many evangelical Christians have been wondering: 'Is Trump a Christian?'

Frankly this is the wrong question to ask.

As has been said many times before, America was looking for a Commander in Chief, not a Chaplain in Chief. You do not need to be a Christian in order to be a good President. The Bible teaches there are non-Christians who are anointed by God (Isaiah 45:1) to rule in times of political and social unrest. I believe that Donald Trump is one of those people. 

We should start by remembering that the last US election was a binary choice between Donald Trump and a woman who wanted to continue the genocide of the unborn, who wanted to suppress Christian and other alternative speech and who wanted to continue the disastrous foreign policy of Barack Obama, putting God's chosen nation of Israel at risk. Although many Christians in America may have recognised his personal moral failings, they also recognised that he was the best chance for the American people and merely behaving as any fallen man would.

Whatever you think of the man Donald Trump, I believe Christians should respect the office he holds. We are instructed in the New Testament to live peaceably with our fellow man (Romans 12:18) and pray for world leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-2) - as David Platt so wonderfully illustrated on Sunday. 

It may be easy to focus on sound bites, but isn't it more important to seriously consider what he's actually achieved while in office? 

The truth is, President Trump has dramatically improved the situation of many Americans. GDP growth has been over 3 per cent every quarter. Unemployment is at the lowest it’s been in 44 years and consumer confidence is at a 17 year high. President Trump has enabled talks to take place between North and South Korea, and he's shredded the Iranian deal that would have put millions of Israelis at risk. He has stood up for the rights of the most vulnerable in society by defunding the state-backed Planned Parenthood; he has modeled forgiveness by letting criminals with non-violent crimes receive early release and has sought to maintain the freedom that we Christians should treasure, by agreeing to remove state funding from universities that don’t protect freedom of speech. Not only has the President done all of this, but his mere appointment has weakened the grip of political correctness, which is so antithetical to the Christian faith, and the grip of transnational super-states, that seek to undermine the Christian principles upon which America was founded. 

Trump is not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. His moral behaviour is clearly not something to be emulated, however, as a secular President of a secular democracy, he is one of the best Presidents we, as Christians, could hope for.

We must remember our calling as Christians. We are called to worship God, not to 'conquer culture'. We must preach the Gospel and to love one another, as Christ loved us. Instead of taking to the streets today to protest the President of the United States, we should be getting our priorities in order. The Church's job is to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. That must be our focus. 

Daniel Mcilhiney is a Christian and a spokesman for Trump UK. Click here to read his testimony from Satanism to Christianity. 

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