We Make the Road by Walking is a year’s worth of innovative and refreshing reflections on scripture.

The central theme is what it means to be alive and to live life to the full. The author explores this theme within four sections: creation, the adventure of Jesus, the global uprising of believers and aliveness in the spirit of God.

McLaren invites us to explore and grapple with each topic. The reflection and discussion questions are challenging – both intellectually and emotionally – and will catalyse growth if readers invest the time and energy needed to engage with them.

I liked the accessibility and open-mindedness of McLaren’s material. He encourages a participative form of Bible engagement in which new meanings are discovered and old meanings are appreciated afresh.

The book is a very flexible resource that can be used individually or in groups, or as part of church services. Whatever the context, the author’s hope is that his reflections will result in exploratory learning. (Paul Valler)