As Wendy Alec began to recover from a severe and debilitating illness, she struggled to understand why she had suffered so greatly. The book relates a series of revelations the author and co-founder of GOD TV received as she sought answers from God.

These revelations are recounted in an allegorical style, with a quaint use of language at times. The visions are detailed, dramatic and specific, but I found them quite hard to read, possibly because of the style.

I most enjoyed the narrative revelations, for example the story of missionaries to China who, although they died alone and friendless, sowed seeds that later yielded an incredible harvest.

The book ends with the encouragement that we are about to experience a time of great breakthrough if we can persevere, complete with Alec’s own testimony of healing. It will impact many people if the tributes at the start are anything to go by, but it won’t be to everyone’s taste.

CAROLINE NEWBOLD is chaplain at Lady Margaret School, Parsons Green and associate minister at St Stephen’s Church, Ealing