CSW first applied for consultative status with the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 2009.

The status would give CSW access to speak and participate in meetings at key human rights advocacy platforms including the Human Rights Council and General Assembly.

But while the USA, Greece, Uruguay and Israel voted in favour, countries with a history of persecuting Christians such as China, Pakistan, Iran and Sudan voted against the motion which would have allowed CSW to bring people facing persecution into the UN to address policymakers.

The UN NGO committee voted 11-4 against CSW, with Russia abstaining and three other nations absent.

Speaking to Premier Christianity magazine, Kiri Kankhwende from CSW said that they will not be silenced by the countries that have opposed them. She said: “A lot of [these countries] are dead set against us but we’re not going to silence our voice in criticising them.”