Missed Spring Harvest this year? Couldn’t make some of the worship sessions in the Big Top? This CD will help to recreate the atmosphere of those powerful times of worship wherever you are.

Unbelievable brings together highlights recorded earlier in both Skegness and Minehead. Veterans leading the worship include Cathy Burton, Nick Herbert, Pete James, Tim Hughes, Hillsong London and Worship Central, and all of them give their very best.

As far as live worship albums go, Unbelievable is well made. It doesn’t suffer from the sound problems that often plague live events; listeners at home who want to sing along will be able to hear everything clearly.

Musically, the album comprises the kind of Coldplay-like rock anthems and power ballads that are a staple of today’s worship music. The one exception is Hillsong London’s ‘Alive’, which is driven along by a Calvin Harris-esque dance groove and feels as bit like it’s been tacked on as ‘something for the young people’. 

GEORGE LUKE is a writer, radio producer and DJ