Mark Greene and the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) have long been banging the drum for Christians to understand the importance of their work life. Many believers view their spiritual life as more important than their day-to-day working world. But God is interested in every area of our lives, and Transforming Work is LICC’s new tool to help Christians influence their workplaces for God’s kingdom

The eight-session course is designed to be run in small groups. Participants watch short DVD clips, discuss Bible stories and pray together. The look, feel and design of the course are top-notch. This is a professional resource for professional people.

Each session contains a ‘Table Talk’ video clip in which Mark Greene leads a discussion with his colleagues on questions such as ‘How can I flourish at work?’ and ‘How can I influence the culture of my workplace?’. The conversations and laughter around the table occasionally feel a little forced or scripted, but most of the content is excellent. It’s notable that only one of the eight sessions specifically deals with sharing faith. LICC is interested in far more than just workplace evangelism.

With a leaders’ pack, DVD and mobile phone app available, this is an extensive course, packed full of helpful advice and interesting stories. Many other courses based around evangelism and discipleship already exist, but it is refreshing to find a resource that unashamedly focuses on where many of us spend most of our time: the workplace.

SAM HAILES is Premier Christianity’s news and features journalist