Tim Chester is an accomplished author and has produced a solid introduction to this short yet powerful letter written by Paul to his son in the faith, Titus. The author works hard to avoid blinding his readers with technical words. Where they can’t be ducked, he offers a useful glossary. For that reason alone, the book is accessible for those who are new to Bible study.

Titus for You has a variety of potential applications, including personal devotions, home groups or as a tool for those called to teach and preach. Those in the latter category would benefit from more in-depth study than this book offers, but they would find it helpful in offering ideas about how to apply the text. Chester manages this effortlessly and shows how it can be done in a thoughtful way.

The book takes the unashamed view that leadership in the Church and home is very definitely male, although this is not expressed unkindly. It’s a pity that no acknowledgment is made that many gospel-believing Christians believe on biblical grounds that women are also called to leadership. Overall, it is good value for money. 

IAN COFFEY is vice principal and director of leadership training at Moorlands College