Andy Flannagan doesn’t just want you to vote; he wants you to engage in the political process. Keenly aware that he is swimming against the tide, Flannagan, who once stood in a by-election for Lambeth council, deals compellingly with the various arguments voiced by Christians who are sceptical about getting involved in politics.

Flannagan argues that God is concerned with all of life, so those who name him as Lord need to both share his gospel and engage in the spheres of cultural influence, including politics, if they are to be kingdom-minded.

As director of Christians on the Left (formerly the Christian Socialist Movement), and a director of Christians in Politics, Flannagan is impressively nonpartisan with sufficient cross-party examples and heartwarming stories to make you feel that his concern is for kingdom advance, whoever is engaged.

This is a good apologetic for political action, and a helpful book to read in the run-up to the general election.

ANDY PECK is a tutor at CWR