If you are looking for a well-written, thought-provoking Christian book then look no further. Maggi Dawn may well have written one of the books of the year.

True, the book’s title sounds a bit dry, and the cover won’t win any design prizes, but it is an intelligent page-turner. Dawn takes a range of Bible topics, stories and whole books and unpicks them – showing links with high art and popular culture. The end result is to see just how much the Bible has influenced every area of our artistic heritage and life. In this it is stirring and a valuable contribution to understanding the amazing power of God’s word. The book covers areas such as plagues and fallen women, as well as some well-known stories – helping us to find new meaning and resonance within them. This isn’t one of those paper-thin evangelical self-helpdressed- up-as-faith books, it will take a bit of work and concentration, but it’s worth it. HIGH: Packed with insight.

LOW: A bit heavy going at times.