There are literally thousands of books marketed at expectant parents. I typed ‘pregnancy’ into Amazon’s book search and was confronted with 76,544 results.

The Pregnancy Book stands out from the crowd. It focuses on the emotional rather than the physical journey of preparing to be a parent – and puts God at the centre of the process.

The authors are honest and down-to-earth. They draw on the Bible, their own story, and those of their friends to provide wise, but not prescriptive, insights and advice.

Subjects covered include dealing with fear, loss of control, and how to lean on God during the birth and in the first few months.

I read this lovely book while expecting my third child. It made me laugh, moved me to tears and I believe it would be a blessing for any Christian with a baby on the way.

HIGH: Easy to read with plenty of practical and realistic ways of connecting with God during pregnancy and beyond.

LOW: The ‘baby in the car’ story is definitely not for the faint-hearted.