After bouncing up and down like a trampolinist, the needle on my cliché-ometer shot into the red when it heard, ‘Great is your power, great are your ways, great is your faithfulness, great is your name… We exalt you (repeat).’ Fortunately, there is a balancing side to this guitar-driven album from Bootle-based worship leader Ian Yates. ‘Broken’ both laments the ‘broken children with broken starts’ in our land and abroad and urges Christians to make a difference where people hurt. Likewise ‘Glorious Bride’ affirms the Church’s status, while urging it to eschew religion and empires in favour of selfless Christlikeness.

Despite some one-trick drumming, this upbeat disc has a bright Indie sound for home listening, while songs like ‘Father of Compassion’ would work well in church. Several tracks tread familiar ground, but, brimming with fervour, this disc is prayerful, healthily grounded, and shows a longing for heaven to break out on earth.