The latest shocking revelations about Donald Trump’s attitudes and behaviour towards women show a man boasting about how his celebrity status allows him to grope and kiss women. In a recording made ten years ago Trump makes lewd and obscene comments about women, claiming he can do ‘anything he wants’ to them.

These revelations about Trump come after repeated allegations of rape, sexual harassment and inappropriate comments about female colleagues and women in general – including disturbing comments about his own daughter, saying “If Ivanka weren’t my own daughter perhaps I’d be dating her”, and asking another girl “Don’t you think my daughter’s hot?”

For Trump, women are sex objects, playthings for his own pleasure and gratification – that’s if they’re good looking. If he doesn’t consider women attractive he calls them dogs and pigs. He has surrounded himself with men who also demean and degrade women, creating what some have described as a "culture of misogyny.”

For Trump, women are sex objects, playthings for his own pleasure and gratification

Nothing could be further from the way Jesus treated women and to the new commandment he gave his followers to “love one another”.

There have been plenty of US evangelicals willing to endorse Trump up till now, albeit through gritted teeth sometimes. In a Faustian pact that recalls Satan's offer to Jesus in Matthew 4, Trump has promised them a return to power and conservative policies in exchange for their allegiance. Will this latest scandal be enough to finally convict those evangelicals that they are endorsing the wrong man? That however much they may dislike Hillary, they are standing on the wrong side if they side with Trump. 

The credibility of the phrase 'evangelical Christian' stands at an all time low in the USA. Now is the chance for some sort of restitution, however late in the day. Name Trump for what he is and turn away from his pursuit of power.

Thank God that at least some of Trump’s followers are now condemning him and calling for him to quit. There is now too much irrefutable evidence that Trump’s values are far from those embodied in the man who came to show the world who God was and who we were created to be. 

Christina Rees CBE is the former chair of Women and the Church (WATCH)

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