Teen Exorcists

Teen Exorcists was broadcast in September and follows three young women, Brynne Larson (19) and Tess and Savannah Scherkenback (19 and 21 respectively), as they tour the UK with Brynne’s father, Rev Bob Larson (affiliated to Freedom Churches International).

Called ‘sexorcists’ by the Daily Express and ‘stunning American teens with black belts in karate’ by the Daily Mail, the three exorcists were followed for six months by film-maker Dan Murdoch, who previously worked on a documentary called Transsexual Teen, Beauty Queen.

The glamour and high-profile ministry of the teen exorcists is in stark contrast to the Church of England guidance on deliverance ministries (what the CofE calls exorcisms). Church guidelines state that deliverance ministries should take place under the authorisation of a bishop, be performed in the context of sacrament, be followed up with pastoral care and be done in collaboration with ‘the resources of medicine’. They also state: ‘It should be done with the minimum of publicity’.