In this book, Tom Wright wades into some of the most acrimonious areas of Christian theology and practice. The ordination of women, gender roles, whether there was a literal Adam, the apocalypse, politics, environmentalism: each chapter addresses a hot topic of faith, usually related to the public sphere.

All of these topics have spawned an avalanche of books in and of themselves. But here only Wright’s views on the subjects are outlined; sometimes it would be good to hear alternative views.

Wright critiques postmodernism, the Enlightenment, Epicureanism and their influence on today’s Church and the world. The themes of social justice and the importance of love run throughout.

Sometimes Wright takes a position one way or the other (he’s in favour of the ordination of women and against secularism, for example). But often he is forging a path between two extremes.

Although the book is aimed at a popular audience, you will need to concentrate while reading. Wright has a penetrating mind and a love for scripture that always makes his teaching interesting and inspiring. 

HEATHER TOMLINSON is a freelance journalist