There’s a (somewhat cynical) video on YouTube called ‘How to Write a Worship Song (In Five Minutes or Less)’. Since watching it, my ears have become a bit itchy when I hear ‘samey’ lyrics in Christian songs…Which brings me to Square One by Chris Stewart.

This is a worship album, but not as you might know it. Stylistically, it blends a little of Hillsong’s We are Young & Free with hints of Owl City. It’s catchy (I caught myself thumping along on the steering wheel), but some tracks are let down by fairly obvious rhymed lyrics. I felt as though I’d heard these songs before, even though I hadn’t.

Chris’ voice is simple but lovely, and the band is tight and well put together. It has the makings of something unique, but the songwriting needs some reconstructive surgery. Overall, I’d say this album has many of the right elements, but I’d gently suggest it needs some work if it’s to be more than a worship one-hit wonder. PC