Spring Harvest Festival

Pete James recently spoke about the album, saying: “Listening to Bottled At The Source... it is phenomenal! It brings presence of God, passion and so many great songs. Released this week... you must go buy it!”

It brings the presence of God, passion and so many great songs!

In his blog, he goes on to say "I believe Spring Harvest will always be known for being a great family event that serves the church and every denomination. I believe the unity expressed there is bringing great blessing and I could tell this year that there was hunger for more of God's presence and to go deeper. The journey is underway and I can see greater moments of spontaneity, dance and the prophetic coming. I would particularly encourage teenagers and young adults who have thought about attending but haven't, to come. Spring Harvest is a place where God's presence is at work".

To find out more about the album, and to hear samples of the tracks, visit 2013live.springharvest.org

Sprint Harvest