Kathryn Scott

Most people don’t do a total fast during Lent, but if you do go down that road you’ll feel peckish at best. And when you stop, you’ll be tempted to eat a horse. That might be best avoided unless you’re a fan of ready meals, in which case it may be too late.


k.d. lang

Keeping your mind off food is the only way when cravings strike. If you’re fasting for proper Lent reasons, that should really involve prayer or Bible reading – although, if the latter is your chosen strategy, Deuteronomy 8:8 is best avoided.


John Waite

Whatever you’ve decided to give up, you will certainly miss it. You’re probably missing it right now. Thinking about it just makes it worse, as do people who make you picture its flavour, texture and aroma. I hate people who do that.