Amy Grant has sold 30 million albums, won six Grammys and effortlessly crossed between gospel, pop and country. Now aged 50, she breaks rather a long musical silence with this collection.

There are some absolute gems on here. The single from the CD, ‘Better Than a Hallelujah’, is destined for classic status. It mixes a cracking melody with deeply touching lyrics about suffering and redemption.

It is towards the end of the album that we get the best of it. ‘Come into My World’ is raw, sparse and rather wonderful.

That isn’t to say that the CD is perfect. Some of the songs sound a bit like fillers and it is a bit disappointing to have only four new ones. Overall though, this is a quality album from a true superstar.

HIGH: ‘I Can Only Imagine’ is ace.

LOW: A couple of dirges early on…