‘Charlie Charlie’ might sound like someone calling for a child in the supermarket, but in reality it is much more sinister. The Charlie Charlie Challenge is a twist on the Ouija board game, and it has taken the internet by storm. Videos have been posted all over social media, and many people – primarily young people – have been giving it ago. 

People ‘playing’ it call on a dead Mexican spirit named Charlie. Two pencils are laid across one another. These appear to move independently towards a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when the spirit is contacted. 

The Charlie Charlie origins

This craze originated in South America, where black magic is common practice. The traditional Western view explains the phenomenon as a simple act of gravity, while those whose cultures reflect a strong belief in the supernatural believe it to be demonic in nature.

The occult was my master for a time 

So should we be worried? What should we be saying to those who want to try it out, particularly our young people? Well, before we call out the local exorcist, let’s proceed with caution. Your children will probably be fine. It is unlikely that they will encounter any sort of demonic activity, let alone a full-scale possession. 

That said, they are flirting with danger. One of my favourite movie quotes is: ‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist’ (The Usual Suspects). Whether this is supernatural or psychological, it has power over people’s lives, and often a negative one. We should tread carefully. 

My own story of occult involvement

When I was a teenager I got heavily involved in the occult through Ouija boards. I probably got drawn in way further than many children would, and it became extremely dark and terrifying. Although my introduction came through Ouija boards, I firmly believe that something controlled my life. In fact, on one occasion I found myself lying across a railway line and would have lost my life had it not been for what I believe to be the miraculous hand of God pulling me from death. 

Following a simple prayer to Jesus one night, whatever it was that controlled me departed and I began a journey with Jesus that changed my life. We either follow Jesus or we don’t; it’s as simple as that. As Jesus said, we cannot serve two masters. 

It matters what we worship

The occult was my master for a time. It didn’t matter whether my friends or demons were moving that glass. It was what I worshipped that mattered. I was worshipping the wrong thing. In a sense, this Charlie Charlie craze is as evil as someone worshipping money or food.

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt is that the spiritual world exists and has power, but the one with the greatest power is Jesus, and at his name demons shudder! 

So what’s my advice to people out there trying this latest craze? Although one glass of beer does not make you an alcoholic, this first taste for those dabbling with this could be a journey to something far worse. Be aware and open the conversation with young people. Show them how much sweeter and more exciting it is to know Jesus. 

George Osborn is an evangelist and author of Out of Darkness (Authentic Media). Visit to find out more.

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