The Evangelical Alliance Scotland ran a series of debates around its What Kind of Nation? manifesto, aimed at helping to shape Scotland’s future, whether it becomes independent or not.

The Church of Scotland debated the issue at its annual gathering, which was addressed by shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander for the Better Together campaign and by Rev Doug Gay, author of pro-independence book Honey from the Lion (SCM). The Church of Scotland had previously said that the arguments about the country’s future should be ‘about the real issues affecting the country rather than focusing solely on the transfer of power’.

The Free Church of Scotland also debated the issue at its assembly, with two speakers for independence and two for the union. In his paper, former moderator Rev John Ross said Christians should not vote for an independent Scotland because it would lead to a secular state. He accused the Scottish government of ‘dishonesty’ for claiming that the Church’s position would be unaltered.

Speaking in favour of independence, Isle of Skye minister Rev Gordon Matheson said: ‘Whilst it could be argued that a “yes” vote would lead to a secular Scotland, similarly a “no” vote will leave us with a secular Britain.’