The chances are that you have not yet heard of rock band Riverdeep, but this five-piece unit hope to change that with the release of their debut album Rise. Based in Emsworth, in the south of England, this group of sisters, brothers and cousins have produced their first CD which is jam-packed with 13 worship songs. Musically, it is a collection of guitarbased rock anthems intertwined with more reflective piano-based tunes. The layers of synth, electric guitar and smooth female vocals make for a powerful line-up and an interesting mix of songs. Riverdeep have a vision for drawing people into worship and making music that is a gateway into God’s presence, and this vision is backed up by the band’s lyrics. Songs such as ‘You Are’, ‘Found’ and ‘Glorious’ are great worship songs that tell about who God is and what he has done for us.

 Overall, this is a good album for an independent band, and should open more doors for them.