includes a series of short films in which participants speak about living as Christians with same-sex attraction, chastity, finding identity and fulfilment in their relationship with Jesus, as well as their rejection of stereotypes and being labelled ‘gay’.

‘We’ve been frustrated at the one-sided reporting on this story within the Church, which just seems to push a liberalist, revisionist agenda,’ said Ed Shaw, vicar of Emmanuel Bristol and one of the founders of the project. ‘We keep hearing that the only script to follow is to embrace an actively gay lifestyle, and we want to present the other side. There is another script, the Bible, which has been lived out for hundreds of years and which gives joy and meaning.’

The resource comes after a year in which several high-profile Christians, including Steve Chalke and Rob Bell, have taken gay-affirming stances.

‘We’d started the group before, for example, Steve Chalke spoke out, but that has increased our desire to make sure that a positive orthodox opinion is out there ? and one from those who actually experience same-sex attraction,’ said Shaw.