This book is a breathless read. Full of illustrations taken from Jo Saxton’s passion for running, the reader is offered a major spiritual workout. There are dozens of practical ideas of how you can undertake a serious training regime to reinvigorate your spiritual life.

Saxton is a Londoner who now works in Phoenix, Arizona and is a regular speaker at Soul Survivor and Momentum. The most moving parts of the book include her struggle to forgive the father who abandoned her when she was young and the real life testimonies of some of her friends who have had to wrestle with disappointment, including a powerful story of a Christian coming to terms with the horrific effects of multiple sclerosis. The book is divided into two main sections: part one explores growing in four major attitudes of the heart: surrender, forgiveness, faithfulness during pain and thankfulness. Part two explores five life disciplines: retreat, prayer, community, accountability and mission. It was good to find a balance between the personal and communal, the devotional and the missional in a book on spirituality. HIGH: Honest and inspiring stories, plenty of practical ideas and a balanced spirituality.

LOW: Patchy scripture usage.