Is prayer important?

Yes prayer is massive in my life,  especially, before games as well I pray at home before I leave my house. I pray for my family’s protection for them while I am away. I pray in the changing rooms once I get there and I pray on the pitch again and just pray for protection over every player that runs on to the field, that there’ll be no serious injuries, pray that he’ll be with us in every circumstance and just give us that vision and the wisdom to make decisions.

It’s just brilliant to be able to do that and to know that every game you’ve got that unfair advantage of God being on the pitch with you. For me, it’s just relaxing and  just gives you a sense of relief.

How do you handle success?

I think as a young sportsman you get thrown into a lot of temptations, into a lot of circumstances where you’re under pressure to make the decision whether you’re going to do something that you know is wrong or going to follow the way Jesus wants you to go.

Sometimes you might not get it right and sometimes you make mistakes but I think it’s important to know that God is in the centre of your life, to know you’ve got to make those right decisions and make sacrifices when it counts. It’s very important to be able to trust in that and to know that God is in control and that he’ll guide you through all those decisions you need to make.

How will you be remembered?

I think that’s a tough one. Obviously you want to be known as the guy that made a difference in the team that you’ve played with.

It is a good career but ultimately all that fades away and everything that you had while you played sport just fades away and it’s all a distant memory.

For me it’s to know that I’m a guy with integrity, a guy with faith and that I’ve always trusted in Jesus to protect me, to guide me through my career. He’s given me these talents, he’s given me the blessing of playing sport and sharing that with people off the pitch so I think, for me, the man off the pitch is more important than what happens on the pitch.

Why follow Jesus?

That’s the best decision in life that you can make. It might sound like a cliche but for a couple of us it’s experience of God and of protection, of guidance, of love, of mercy, of healing of forgiveness and we can tell you first hand that it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

It’s a fantastic journey. We’re still learning as we’re going along but it’s just an unbelievable journey and I think you won’t regret it once you make that decision.

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