25 per cent of British Christians do not believe in Jesus’ resurrection

One in four people who class themselves as Christians do not believe the resurrection of Jesus took place.

According to a ComRes survey commissioned by the BBC, just a third believed word-for-word what the Bible says about the events.

However, two in five of all British adults say they believe in the resurrection of Jesus.

The research also found around a third of Christians said they did not believe in life after death but a fifth of non-religious people surveyed said they did.

Responding to the findings, Bishop of Manchester, Rt Rev David Walker, told the BBC: “This important and welcome survey proves that many British people, despite not being regular churchgoers, hold core Christian beliefs.

“Alongside them it finds surprisingly high levels of religious belief among those who follow no specific religion, often erroneously referred to as secularists or atheists.”

Gary Habermas, professor of Apologetics and Philosophy at America’s Liberty University, told Premier Christianity that he believed in the literal resurrection because “in the New Testament the resurrection is present in every single definition of the word ‘gospel’.”


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