10. Same-sex attracted church leader addresses the Church of England - but his message may surprise you

Too many people believe there's a battle between LGBT persons and the Church. But as this speech by Rev Sam Allberry demonstrates, the truth is far more complicated than that.

9. 9 archaeology finds that confirm the New Testament

Hundreds of archaeological findings are confirming the biblical record. Here are just nine of the most interesting discoveries in recent years.

8. 6 hope-filled ways God was centre stage at the Manchester benefit gig

After the devastating terror attack in Manchester, this benefit concert brought great hope. Krish Kandiah unfolds the spiritual thread running through One Love.

7. Allowing the Koran to be read in church is wrong. It's why I've resigned as Chaplain to the Queen

Gavin Ashenden caused a stir in January 2017 when he resigned as chaplain to the Queen. Writing on the Premier Christianity blog, Ashenden explains his decision and warns of a three-cornered struggle for the public space between Christianity, secularism and Islam.

6. Jim Carrey just told a room how Jesus opened the gates of heaven

He might have dabbled in other religions and belief systems in the past, but this speech from Jim Carrey sounded remarkably Christian.

5. Stormzy: the chart-topping rapper who wears his faith on his sleeve

Stormzy's hit track 'Blinded by your grace Pt 2' includes the lyrics "Lord, I've been broken / Although I'm not worthy / You fixed me, I'm blinded / By your grace / You came and saved me".

4. Christians should think twice before boycotting Disney's 'gay' Beauty and the Beast

Some Christians had threatened to boycott Beauty and the Best after it was revealed the film would feature Disney's first ever gay character and love scene. Luke Aylen - a gay Christian who holds to a traditional understanding of marriage - explains why he's against the move.

3. Bart Campolo says progressive Christians turn into atheists. Maybe he's right

Bart Campolo admitted this year he'd left his Christian faith behind after a long process of gradually ditching more and more key Christian doctrines. So does moving toward a more progressive faith really lead to atheism? Sam Hailes investigates

2. The DUP are not extremists. Here's 7 things you need to know about them

After the DUP entered an agreement with the Conservatives to govern following this summer's general election, everyone wanted to know: Who are the DUP? The Evangelical Alliance's Peter Lynas explains 

1. Jesus is black. Get over it

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