This is a humorous, heartfelt handbook for busy mums who want to fulfil God’s great commission.

Busy mums themselves, France-Williams and French speak alternately, chapter by chapter. They explore what was to them an unfolding revelation: that being a missionary starts with a change of mindset; that it can take place in your own home; that it can include your own family; that it is undergirded by key relationships; and that being a missionary requires humility and the desire to build community.

The book sets out to challenge the way that many Christian women in the developed world operate, as individuals and as members of the Church. Each chapter is followed by a practical example of how its principles were applied by real women.

It is relaxed, even conversational in style at times, but it covers the subject matter thoroughly. Based on scripture and extremely practical, this is a useful resource for any mum who desires to be on a mission for Jesus. CI

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