When many Christian musicians are either too proud to acknowledge their faith or lack skills in describing anything else, this collection shows how to get it right. Gently earthed lyrics about time passing and everyday life sit among songs of fresh starts and two delicate instrumentals, including a slow-building, deftly-arranged ‘Once in Royal David’s City.’

Throughout, his consummate skill on a variety of strings matches the talents of his band of top-rate session players, who have worked with the likes of Clapton, Dylan, and Take That. Not everything works: an over-retro ‘Let’s Go Out Tonight’ starts off sounding too much like ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ for comfort. Haworth now knows his strengths – riffs, blues, intricate instrumentals, and adroit slide work. He plays to them here HIGH: A rootsy ‘Nobody’s Fault…’ and ‘Inside Out’ stand alongside his best work. LOW: The faux-reggae of ‘God is my Strength’ is unconvincing.