The Mental Health Access Pack launches on Blue Monday (26th January), considered by many to be the most depressing day of the year.

Katharine Welby-Roberts, an associate at Livability and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s daughter, has spoken publicly of her struggles with depression. She said: ‘From my own experience and others I have spoken with, churches do want to better support people with mental health problems but don’t know how to go about it.

‘This can often lead to isolation or people leaving the church because they feel misunderstood or not catered for. I believe this pack is a valuable and timely resource, which will help churches to do mental health better.’

Rev Will van der Hart, pastoral chaplain at Holy Trinity Brompton and a director of Mind and Soul, said: ‘Twenty per cent of clergy sick leave each year is taken as a result of depressive illness, and 47% of leaders from major Protestant denominations admit to suffering from stress most of the time.

‘A person’s experience of mental illness within the Church can be vastly improved by debunking some of the myths that are still prevalent in the Christian community.’ The pack will be available free of charge online at

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