Today marks the passing of an era. One of God’s generals in the faith, Dr Morris Cerullo, has gone to glory.

Considered a legend of the faith in many parts of Africa and Asia, his teachings have impacted many nations.

A Jewish orphan, he was brought up in various orphanages in the USA. At the age of 15 he was arrested by a vision of souls burning in hell and committed his life to Yeshua. He believed God had instructed him to raise up an army of believers. It was a belief that would inspire and drive many decades of ministry.

Many pastors testify to experiencing God's healing power for the first time at a Morris Cerullo outreach event. As the award winning UK Gospel artist Isaiah Raymond said today: “Dr Morris Cerullo oversaw the ordination of so many people in nations around the world, his legacy is beyond words! Reading his testimony and life story is so inspiring...It was no secret Morris Cerullo was loved by the black community across the world. He had a heart for evangelism, discipleship and ministerial training and has left and undeniable impact globally and lives have been touched to this day because of the sacrifices he made.”

He would often teach about our identity in Christ, explaining how we are God’s ministers with power and gifts to change this world. His book The New Proof Producers was an inspiration to many on this point, as it explained how every Christian is called called to live in a way that proves the existence of God.

Having had the honour and pleasure of working with Morris Cerullo World Evangelism through song ministry in London and Manchester, I often witnessed how he'd unite pastors and churches to work together.

Noel Robinson who was his worship leader in the UK and in the USA and Europe for 23 years commented, "Morris Cerullo is an enigma in his generation, a real man of God full of revelation, wisdom. He has single handedly deposited one of the greatest moves of God in our generation. We can see that in the lives of the many thousands of leaders around the globe. And specifically in the United Kingdom. Most of the major black African and Caribbean leaders have been personally impacted by the ministry of Morris Cerullo. We are in no doubt that he was a man chosen and anointed by God and has become one of the greatest proof producers of our generation. He leaves an outstanding spiritual legacy that cannot be denied."

He had an amazing outreach to Israel, where he distributed free literature - Jesus Our Messiah - to thousands. I once gave one of his outreach books to a Jewish friend of mine and it changed his life forever. 

He imparted great truth and revelation that still lives with me today. He was a true catalyst, a great preacher, teacher and evangelist. So many lives across the world were touched with the hope of Yeshua and the victory of the cross of our Passover Lamb. As this servant of Yahweh goes to glory, I will forever be grateful for the way he poured his life out in service of Yeshua.

Madeleine Kerzner is a pastor, teacher and prophetic intercessory worship leader. Specialising in her Jewish background and the Hebraic roots of Christianity, she authored the His Banqueting tables (Hebraic Feast Series ) and has released two worship albums, Nation 2 Nation and The Great I Am with Integrity Europe. She is also a presenter on Premier Gospel.