Including his 140 books and 25,000 sermons, Charles Spurgeon – known as ‘the prince of preachers’ – has more words in print than any other living or dead Christian author.

This through-the-year daily devotional dips into passages from every book in the Bible. Spurgeon’s 19th century language has been respectfully updated and added notes from Jim Reimann complement Spurgeon’s writings. Even with all these updates the original prose of this eloquent Baptist minister shines through. In his original preface Spurgeon urges us to read at least one chapter of scripture as well as his devotional each morning – but adds his ‘earnest entreaty to dispense with this book’ if there is not time for both, since he ‘would be greatly grieved to know that anyone read the word of God less on my account’. At times his language appears florid and gushing in the way that many other writings from the 1850s do, but there is still plenty to warm the heart. HIGH: Good to see a classic work updated.

LOW: May seem flowery and sentimental to some.