This album almost killed me!  Seriously, don’t listen to it whilst driving home on a dimly lit motorway late at night; you may as well wrap yourself in a duvet with a hot water bottle and a Horlicks.  There is a real need to rediscover the act of Christian meditation, and this album will, for some, provide a much-needed tonic to our non-stop busy lifestyles.  Molten Meditation has five 10-minute meditations with themes such as ‘don’t worry’, ‘God is love’ and ‘no condemnation’.  Each meditation is set to bed of atmospheric music accompanied by soothing voice repeating key phrases from scripture.  For many this will offer a much needed break from the hassles of everyday life, for others it’s likely that the music’s hypnotic qualities will put them in some kind of zombie-like spiritual trance.  See if you can spot them on Sunday morning.

High Point:  Well chosen themes and scriptures.

Low Point:  Somewhat shallow and repetitive music.



Molten MeditationReviewed by Bradley Mason who works in broadcasting.