Ok, so singing and dancing (particularly the liturgical kind) may only feature from time to time. Here you can expect to read pithy, sometimes witty and sometimes mind-bendingly and heart-shapingly inspirational stuff. 

To keep you interested, we'll be mixing it up with the writers: you'll find contributions from me and the Premier Christianity magazine team as well as plenty of guest bloggers. 

If you feel you don't know us well, meet the team... 

The Premier Christianity team

Malky: the Scottish one. He's just become a dad. Likes to describe his own pictures as 'jazzy'.

Lucinda: the one with two names: confusingly she also calls herself Louie. Has a penchant for M&S Percy Pigs.

Joy: lives up to her name in every way. And quiche makes her queasy.

Justin: still happy about last year's news that he shares a name with a certain Archbishop. Known to have the odd wardrobe disaster. 

We'll be pinging out a blog once a week, why not jump aboard and check back here to follow the new Premier Christianity magazine blog?