John Ryeland is director of the Christian Healing Mission and this collection of daily meditations, originally published on its website, aims to encourage us to stop and reflect.

This is a beautifully presented volume, containing a reflection centred around a short piece of scripture for every day of the year. Ryeland uses his commentary to comfort, reassure and gently challenge the reader. As J John points out in his foreword, you won’t find much about the author in these pages. They don’t contain anecdotes but rather focus on prompting the reader to apply the word of God to their situation. Perhaps a few personal examples might have earthed the comments in everyday life and made them easier to apply.

This book is not a substitute for Bible study or for praying for concerns in our world, but if used as part of a daily prayer time it could be both valuable as a means of focusing on God’s love for the reader, and effective in correcting some negative thought patterns.

CAROLINE NEWBOLD is chaplain of Lady Margaret School and associate minister of St Stephen’s Church, Ealing