When your music was the soundtrack to the British church in the 80s and 90s, it is a timely idea to create a one-stop shop for the very best. Rerecording 25 songs means that they flow together well – although it also homogenises them somewhat.

Nathan Nockels produces most tracks, updating and filling out Graham Kendrick’s sound, often featuring rippling piano. The musically conservative backing at least draws attention to Kendrick’s resonant lyrics. This collection shows how his words transcend the usual worship song clichés, adding theology, Christology, purpose, a missional platform – and even warnings – to our worship.

Having fallen out of fashion through over-use, the welcome return of songs like ‘Shine, Jesus Shine’ shows why they were so popular. Clearly, these classics will be with us for many years yet.

HIGH: The density of strong songs and lyrical richness.

LOW: His downbeat songs can sound dull, rather than delicate.