This DVD contains five short films that are full of thought-provoking questions for white, middle class, young professionals. Covering issues such as unfulfilled expectations, addiction and marriage breakdown, the clips are exceptionally high-quality and easy to watch. Its makers say the aim is to use the questions posed in the accompanying booklet to engage with ‘co-workers, friends, neighbours and family to enter into meaningful conversations’.

The films seem to major on spirituality rather than what faith in Jesus Christ means. Jesus himself is only mentioned once or twice. The questions engage with the Bible, but you may find that you need to explain the context as there is some assumption that people will be happy to accept the Bible as valid and have some knowledge of its stories and texts.

As a conversation starter for people in tough times, those asking questions or under pressure, this resource will serve you well.

CARL BEECH is director of church development and planting for Elim, president of CVM and host of ShedTalk on Premier Christian Radio