‘Wisdom is having the ability to do what you will be glad you did,’ writes RT Kendall in this practical but profound book.

Whether we are making a decision or simply wanting to be more like Jesus, we all need wisdom on a daily basis. Kendall demonstrates the gift in abundance with a study of its meaning and different manifestations, and a look at its practical outworking in the lives of various biblical characters, including Jesus.

Woven in between are contemporary examples as well as Kendall’s candid admission of his own struggles in this area, which is both encouraging and inspiring. His style is full of grace, despite challenging readers to aspire to greater things.

This book is worth savouring because there is so much helpful teaching within its pages, although more judicious editing might have made it easier to digest. Take time to ponder the message and put its excellent advice into practice.

CAROLINE NEWBOLD is chaplain of Lady Margaret School and associate minister of St Stephen’s Church, Ealing