Phatfish’s eighth album is everything you might expect from one of the UK’s best loved Christian bands. High quality songwriting, production and musicianship are the order of the day. Highlights include the rocky title track, and the anthemic ‘Come to Jesus’.

Lou Fellingham’s voice is as versatile as ever. She plays the rock chick on tracks like ‘Mission’, but is equally comfortable on the slower numbers. She’s a great talent, as shown by her solo records.

It’d be possible to accuse the band of not being especially adventurous in their style. But the secular charts are full of classic guitar/bass/keys/drums combos, so why should different rules apply in a Christian context?

We’re told the band was started in the mid 90s in a bid to create a ‘musically excellent’ project. Mission accomplished, I’d say.

HIGH: ‘He watches over me’. A brilliant closing track.

LOW: A couple of the tracks are fine, but in a truly great album, wouldn’t have made the cut.